Bachevo horse riding

  The rural village of Bachevo is situated at the foot of the beautiful Rila Mountains, and is only 20 minutes by car from Bansko. A further 15 minutes along a mountain road is a small, family-run, riding school with a gazebo built out over a stream. Here you can sit and relax listening to the trickling waters whilst having a home-made picnic lunch provided by the owners.


Before lunch you can experience the pleasures of the 'riding trail' through the forest and open pastures surrounding this picturesque spot. You will receive a short introduction to horse riding before setting out for a journey through the scented pine trees and forest glades in the company of a highly experienced instructor. Also, frequently on these visits it is possible to see a wolf.


For experienced riders, full day rides can be arranged, from Bachevo to Dobursko, for example. Alternatively, we can organise overnight expeditions, such as a ride from Bachevo to Rila Monastery where you can sleep in accommodation in the Monastery.


Multiple-night expeditions can also be organised, for example, riding from Bachevo over the Pirin Mountains to Melnik.



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