High in the Rodope mountains (1020 asl), about 70 km. south of Bansko is the Architectural and Historical reserve Kovachevitsa. Built just into the steep slopes of the mountain it astounds the perception with its amazing architecture magnificence.


 Simplicity elevated to perfection is the most noteworthy merit of the unique style of the Kovachevitsa construction architecture school. We would only be grateful today for the existance of this tale of stone and wood in which the complete splendor of local spirit, diligence and talent of the local craftsmen.


 The present look of the village dates back to 1791, but there are lots of archeological finds around the village dating as early as the Stone - Copper age. The remote location of the village has provided a relatively high safety during the Ottoman rule preserving the christianity.  


Kovachevitsa has many wonders that will charm you and you will want to come back to this magical place. The only materials used are stone and wood, even the stone slabs covering the roofs, called tikli,obtained by the splitting of particular rocks splitted under particular angle. The village sewerage system is still used nowadays. According to the estimation of a British journalist, it was built before London’s sewerage system.


 In the mid-1970s film makers, looking for sites for new films, happened to come here and films started to be shot and their number is constantly growing. Nowhere else in Bulgaria have so many Bulgarian films been made as in Kovachevitsa, and it is not just jokingly called the Bulgarian Hollywood.

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