Welcome packs

 Relax, and arrive at your accommodation after a long journey knowing there are a few essentials in stock to keep you going. Let us know in advance and we can provide you with one of our welcome packs.


The STANDART pack includes: tea, coffee (50 gr), water(1,5 ltr), milk (1 ltr), cereal, sugar, bread, 6 eggs, butter, marmalade and orange juice (1 ltr).


For a little extra we can add a bottle of wine, some chilled beer ( 6 pack), crisps, bunch of bananas and yellow cheese.


You can of course order anything you would like to have and we will provide you with the cost .


Cost: Standard pack €19. Including wine etc €29. The cost includes delivery to your apartment.


 The open fire will not only keep the winter cold away, but creates a warm, cosy atmosphere for you and your guests which makes you feel at home.


  We can provide you with a year dry beech and oak logs for your fireplace in approx. 15 - 20 kgs sack (weight varies depending on type of wood and seasoning). The cost is 5 EUR a sack and delivery is free for 3+ sacks.  Contact us for more information